Jewellery boxes are always the need of every women to organize their jewellery. Not only this but this could be a perfect gift for any women in your life as well. Not necessarily you need to buy this but you could make it by yourself at home as well. There are number of materials through which you could make unique jewellery boxes in Australia which is both handy and pretty at the same time. This DIY project is available for the beginners and advanced level as and if you think that you are good with the crafting then you could have an advanced level. There are several steps to make the small jewellery box and these are discussed in this article.

What materials do you need?

The simplest and the basic sunglass case could be made using a cardboard which is easily available. All you need is a pair of scissors, fabrics, some glue which could either be silicon glue or white glue, a piece of yarn and some other accessories to decorate it as you like and pencil, rule and knife to take the measurement and cut in the right size.

Design box and lid of the jewellery box:

To make the box, you need to cut the cardboard in to 6 pieces of the same size. The size could depend on how small or big you want the jewellery box to be. Now when you have cut the cardboards in to the pieces then you need to glue these together and make a box and lid of this. You could also use the tape but the tape may not look as neat as the glue. So, using the glue is the best option.

Make a cover:

Covering the box with the fabric is one option but there could be number of other ways such as you could paint the box or wrap a packing sheet around it. Cover both the box and the lid and the fabric that you are using could also be of any kind. Make sure that whatever item you are using to cover the box and the lid, it must be covered neatly. Depending upon your preference you could cover the inside of the small jewellery box as well.

 Decorate it as you want:

Now you could decorate the box based on your choice. You could use a yarn to adda border and then you could use number of beads, pearls or even patterned mirror pieces and could stick these on the box. Once done, your small jewellery box is ready and you could either have it by yourself to store your accessories or could gift it to a person you like.

A Step By Step Guide To Make Small Jewellery Box At Home