Back in the days, we used to see so many curtains in each and every room of homes but the time has changed dramatically and those curtains have been replaced by blinds of different types especially in the places which have a modern architecture.

The use of blinds is now very common especially in modern homes and they have totally replaced curtains although in some cases curtains are still being used where one has to completely cover a window, the curtain is the perfect choice then. The biggest advantage blinds have over curtains is they are adjustable means you can adjust how much light you want in the room, this was not possible with curtains as you would either totally cover a window through it or completely pull it off.

As compared to curtains blinds are much easier to install as they do not need any kind of rails, screw or other such stuff. Currently in market they are available in different styles from fabrics to shades. Other most important benefit of blinds is that they are much easier to be clean off as you do not have to take off the whole blind to clean it while with curtain you might have to take it off and then wash it separately. Also in homes which have pets it is recommended to use blinds instead of curtains as most probably the curtains would be damaged by the pets whereas blinds won’t. Same goes for children as it is quite predictable that small children do love to play with curtains and it is a possibility that they would damage it, while with blinds it is quite safe as they are fixed on a static position. As compared to curtains, blinds also take much lesser space and adds more beauty to your room and also protects your furnishings and stuff from harmful UV rays.

Blinds come up with a wide range of designs so if you later plan to change your room’s theme or decoration you can have a wide variety of to choose from. With window blinds you can also have complete privacy which you do not usually get with curtains. The best part is you can control and adjust blinds easily that how you want it to appear on window.

There are many types of Blinds currently being used either in Homes or Offices. Some of the most commonly used blinds are:

1. Wooden Blinds2. Vertical Blinds3. Aluminum Blinds4. Roller Blinds5. Shade Blinds

Regardless of whatever design or theme you choose for your home, for the windows installing blinds are the way to go as they offer so many advantages over curtains and the best part is they are much more cost effective as compared to curtains and are very easily maintained because you won’t be needing to upgrade them every 6 months as they are much more reliable in comparison with curtains. So if you are planning for home renovation or building a new home then installing the window blinds is your perfect choice to uniqueness.

Blinds Are The Way To Go!