With the introduction of the photo booth Melbourne in events, it is become more interesting for the guests to have a better way to spend the time there. Rather than staying bore and finding topic to start discussion in an awkward silent moment it is better to enjoy the experience of taking high quality, full of fun pictures with the friend and family. However, it is the important factor to find the right booth providers who have good resolution photos as well as other services like, customize booth, GIF feature and props with them. In Melbourne, Awesome photo booths are working so hard to provide their customers quality and reliable services in reasonable rates. They are not specific for one category services rather offering services for weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions product launch events and many more, all can order the customized strips for the photo booth. Moreover, GIF booth feature is also available for a twisted fun with slides of different pose photos with different filters that can be immediately share to the phones through messages.

In GIF, people are allowed to change the poses in series of 3-4 photos that can be a perfect social media post afterward. These booths are easy to use as the guests can change the filters by touching the screen as well as allows them to print the photos or share them easily to their devices. The GIF prints are transferred on the print paper with four frame window in which all the poses are printed in sequence. Furthermore, these booths are offered with the customize backgrounds either they can be plan for later designs or can be used different prints or flower backdrop to have a perfect photo on spot. The end result is in high quality as the photo booth uses the perfect lightening to get the extraordinary results of the shoot. Visit this link https://www.photoboothsmelbourne.com.au/flower-backdrop/ if you are looking for flower backdrop hire Melbourne.

As with the installation of plan screens one can use the photos for personal branding by adding logos and graphics. These short animated video clips are the most famous posts of social media. This is the best way to keep the followers updated about the routine events  as well as better way to store the memories as they shows the emotions and fun you had in the event rather than having still photos in the gallery. Moreover, due to the popularity of DIF feature photographers are also using it to bring uniqueness in the shoot of the couple to create more fun picture.

Have Fun With GIF Photo Booths